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When you decide to sell your house, there’s a good chance you want the deal to be done as quickly and easily as possible.

But selling a house can be a complicated and stressful process. Knowing how much your house is worth can be tricky, and that’s before you even get to the viewings. Showing a constant stream of viewers around your family home can be upsetting. Or worse still, you could have no viewings and find that your house remains on the property market for months.

Would a potential buyer struggle to get a mortgage for your house, because of structural problems or local planning considerations? Would someone interested in the property drop out of the sale when they receive a building survey?

This could all play a part in why you need to find a cash buyer, when you put your property on the market.

There could also be a range of personal reasons for why people feel that cash buyer is best. Not least, because it speeds the process up. A buyer with no mortgage to worry about, who is ready to pay cash for your family home, means that you could have the money in your hands when you need it.

Five great ways to attract a cash buyer for your house

Getting a cash buyer for your house is probably easier than you think. The real trick is to find one willing to pay a fair and honest amount, that comes as close as possible to your asking price.

1. Do your homework

To make sure any property sells quickly at a fair price, you need to do some local research. Browse through online real estate for your area, to get a good idea of what houses sell for. Look out for how often houses are listed as “reduced for a quick sale”. If you have time, see if house prices do tend to be slashed because of slow property sales.

This will all help you to decide a reasonable target price when you sell your home.

2. Be realistic

Armed with as much information as possible, you need to balance the fact that you want a quick cash house sale, against what is achievable.

It is a good idea to have a minimum price level in mind too. When you get a cash buyer interested in your property, how low can you go, so you can benefit from a quick, effortless sale?

Take a long hard look around your property, through the eyes of potential buyers. Are there things you can do that don’t involve much money, to make the house more presentable and appealing?

3. Find the best and most reliable leads

Bear in mind, that with any financial dealings, there are always organisations and people who are less than honest or reliable. They find house sellers who are desperate and offer quick cash sales that turn out to be bad deals for you.

Always check up on organisations and people who approach you. Make sure they aren’t wasting your time. Or worse still, trying to rush through a bad deal.

4. Choose a clear way to sell your house

If you want a cash buyer for your house, make that clear to any estate agent you talk to before you agree to a working relationship with them.

They can advise you on the local housing market and what might work to get the sale through quickly. For example, this could include an open house for prospective buyers.

You may also decide to get your house sold quickly by putting it up for auction, to the highest cash bidder. You would have a minimum price you are prepared to accept.

Real estate agents charge fees, so keep that in mind. It may be better to find a direct route to a house hunter willing to pay cash.

5. Seek help from a reliable source

Despite all your efforts and care in preparing your property and doing research, it can still be a tough job finding the right cash buyer. Sifting through the ones who have a genuine wish to be fair, can be tricky.

That’s why the best tip of all, is to do business with experts you find through UK Property Cash Buyers. This is a network of trusted professionals, who have testimonies from many happy home sellers. They are all members of the National Association of Property Buyers, which makes sure they offer the highest possible standards and are honest and fair. Network members are also home buyers who are fully up to date with trading standards guidelines.

This all adds up to a great way of getting help and advice. But it also offers you cash house buyers you can trust, who are waiting to hear from you if you want to sell a house quickly.