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House prices in the UK’s top seaside property hotspots fall

If you’ve always wanted a home by the seaside but have baulked at the price you need to pay, there’s been a bit of good news – house prices in the two most popular seaside towns have fallen a little,… Continue Reading →

First time buyers in London paying double than the rest of UK

It’s hardly a revelation that getting a foot on the property ladder in London is tricky. Prices in the capital have always been steeper than other parts of Britain, and it’s a difficult time for young people to buy their… Continue Reading →

What you should eat in the mountains

Food is probably the key factor in any activity- whether it is sport like bodybuilding, running, biking, hiking…as well as spiritual practices like yoga, meditation etc. We are what we eat and we function well as long as we eat… Continue Reading →

The Rising Threat of Fake References- and What to Do About Them

Unfortunately, not everyone is honest and trustworthy. There are plenty of rogues and scammers out there too, and even the most impressive of potential tenants can end up causing huge problems for property owners and agents. Working out who you… Continue Reading →

London house price growth remains lacklustre

The latest round of house price data shows that while property prices in the capital are just about treading water, they are still a long way from the huge increases that were so common in the years leading up to… Continue Reading →

The Best Places in London For Students

Location is an important factor for anyone looking for somewhere to live mentioned Assetgrove, but especially so if you’re a student on a limited budget. Here are some of the best places within half an hour of London’s top universities… Continue Reading →

5 tips to increase the chances of attracting a cash buyer for any house

Brought to you by UK Property Cash Buyers, for more information please visit :  When you decide to sell your house, there’s a good chance you want the deal to be done as quickly and easily as possible. But… Continue Reading →

Experience Invest: A UK property consultancy you can rely on

Trusted by investors for over 14 years, Experience Invest is a UK property consultancy that provides industry-leading UK property investment opportunities. Working in the UK’s most lucrative property sectors, Experience Invest helps individual buyers to achieve high rental returns from… Continue Reading →

London agent offers the chance to sell for free as agent fees top £9k

The average estate agent fee for selling a London home now tops £9,000, according to Portico London Estate Agents, as it offers the chance for one lucky person to sell their house for free.   The leading London agents have… Continue Reading →

Comparing Your Property Prices with the Online Conveyancing Quotes

Online conveyancing quotes prove to very powerful while comparing the distinct conveyancing service providers. This assures that you will get the best value for your money and can buy the desired residential property at comfortable rates. No doubt the conveyancing… Continue Reading →

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